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A song does not have to sound ‘perfect’ for it to be modern – it’s not necessarily the production sound that dates a recording but rather the mentality and character of the generation that created it.

We want to provide the audience with songs relevant to today’s society, recorded in a fashion dictated by the character of the song. Essentially, and unlike the majors and their so called ‘indie’ label minions (can Domino Records, a subsidiary of Sony, really be called 'Indie'!?), delivered without cash generated saccharine gloss. No ubiquitous flat-packed youth rebellion under the cloud of a multi-thousand pound marketing campaign at Sons – we haven't enough money!!!

At student clubs or ‘indie’ nights throughout the western world the playlist will commonly feature tracks that are 40 or even 50 years old alongside tracks perhaps 10 years old and tracks from the present – (probably the smallest portion!) This is possible because the very mindset projected by contemporary bands: The Macabees, Yeasayer, Kasabian et al, is essentially the same, through either demographic or emulation, as either the 60’s Who  or the 70’s Jam, the 80’s Stone Roses, the 90’s Oasis etc. We are, after all, in post, post modern times…

We want the audience to identify with a Sons Recording because they recognize a synergy with the lives of the people making the music, not with the techies at digidesign, Cubase or Logic who design the software. Just as importantly, for that matter, is not to be mistaken for Luddites because at a glance we appear 'retro' - recording with tape machines and valve mixing desks etc etc. It's just that we believe these elements are essential in the production of contemporary music - as is the use of  protools, apple macs, 192 interfaces etc. Is a sample of a string section less retro than hiring an 'actual' string section? No, just cheap - in every sense of the term.

Put plainly, whilst the rest of the music industry continues to gorge itself in cabaret, Sons is a label that produces rock ‘n’ roll aimed to still be on the jukebox in 30 years time. Whether the individual likes a Sons Record or not, it is undeniable that it’s nature is a wholly genuine product of western culture at the beginning of the 21st Century.


The new single from The Novellos, ‘The Lady is Not For Turning’, coming February 2012.

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